Rediscovering Auroratopia

Hi there,

As I start my journey in my new days in the middle of 2024, I am excited to revive Auroratopia. Looking back on my early days of blogging in 2009, I fondly remember the joy of creating a blog with pretty pink themes. At that time, I was a village girl exploring the internet with a large laptop and a modest mobile phone modem called “Sm*rt Friend.” The thrill of discovering creative blogs and reading fascinating stories was a unique experience that inspired me to start my blog. Those moments are truly cherished.

In 2021, I resumed blogging by participating in a challenge from Blogger Perempuan. Posting daily for 30 days during Ramadan was a fulfilling experience, especially during the pandemic. It helped me stay productive and meet deadlines. I was thrilled to consistently accomplish this, although I regret not backing up my data or renewing my hosting subscription, which led to lost posts and site.

Now, in 2024, we live in the era of social media. While platforms like Friendster are relics of the past, Facebook still has loyal followers, and Twitter has evolved into X. Instagram and TikTok dominate the scene. Despite the decline in the popularity of blogging, blogs still have value. When searching for information on Google, we often click on links leading to websites that provide more detailed insights than social media posts. Therefore, I am pleased to rebuild my blog as a personal space to share my thoughts and experiences. I prefer writing over talking and hope my posts will be beneficial to those who read them.

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