How’s the character of “Damsel” in distress?

How’s the character of “Damsel” in distress?

Have you ever watched “Damsel”? I saw the trailer a few months ago and finally watched it this holiday. Is the princess’s name “Damsel”?

If we look it up in the dictionary, damsel means a young lady. The character in “Damsel” is named Elodie. I won’t spill the entire story, but her character is fascinating to discuss. Go and watch it first if you haven’t already.

Is she a damsel in distress? Before answering this, let’s clarify that according to the Cambridge Dictionary, the term “damsel in distress” means a young woman who is in trouble and needs a man’s help.

Elodie might be portrayed as a damsel in distress, but she is far from weak. She portrays strength. How can a woman in the middle of nowhere face horrible situations involving mythical creatures ready to make her feast? Imagine how exhausting it is for her to play hide and seek with a resentful dragon. Yet, she has a clear goal: to survive and escape that dreadful place. She may get tired, but she never gives up, always seeking a way out to see the sun and gain her freedom, even though she gets lucky by the clues on a map. Can you imagine facing a dragon intent on harming you? We may be afraid or even stay in the cave, but Elodie shows remarkable physical and mental strength.

Elodie develops her mental strength through resilience. Based on the Cambridge Dictionary, resilience is the capacity to withstand or quickly recover from difficulties. Elodie faces numerous challenges and overcomes them with ingenuity and bravery. For instance:

  • When the dragon breathes fire, she runs into a cave, only to find her heavy dress stuck in a narrow passage. Instead of panicking, she tears the dress apart to make moving easier.
  • In the cave’s darkness, she discovers a light and uses it as a lamp to guide her way. Moreover, she uses the glowing worms she finds to lighten up the surroundings; even at the end, she uses them to heal the dragon’s wound.
  • The dragon relentlessly pursues her, but Elodie repeatedly evades it by finding clever hiding spots.
  • At one point, she discovers a map that offers clues on how to escape. This discovery gives her hope and a renewed sense of purpose.
  • Despite the exhaustion and fear, she keeps moving, finding safe places to rest and gathering her strength for the next challenge.
  • Despite losing her people and her father to the dragon, Elodie’s courage eventually leads her to make peace with the dragon.

So, while Elodie might be a damsel in distress, she is not weak. She can struggle, embodying strength, resilience, and courage.

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